Thursday, December 27, 2012

What are for you the most outstanding paid apps of 2012?

mejors apps y juegos ¿Cuáles son para ti las aplicaciones de pago más destacadas de 2012?

Last year, in actuality iPhone a few rounds we began wondering what was for you the best applications and games of the year. The aim was to discover the best game of 2011 and the best application, chosen for you. This year we return to find the best application of 2012 and the best game of 2012.

This time we'll be more specific: we are looking for what was, for you, the payment application that you find most useful in your day to day this year. We also want to know what game I was hooked pay more to your iOS devices in the past 12 months.

Leave a comment sharing your opinion and we will add those titles that are mentioned and then move to a final survey, which will take place during the weekend and into Monday. It will then announce the final results.

For example, for me, the most useful application when traveling has been Kayak Pro . Moreover, the game that has made ​​me more time to spend with my iPhone has been Running Dead .

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