Monday, December 3, 2012

Weblin, an alternative to Cydia

weblin Weblin, una alternativa a Cydia

Most people who apply Jailbreak their iOS devices known to spare Cydia. For those who are not so clear, just comment that Cydia is the alternative installer to the App Store for users to Jailbreak .

Of course, users who apply Jailbreak their devices can use the app store, but Cydia can find applications and modifications of the system that is not available in the App Store and really this is what users are looking for when you apply this technique to their devices.

Cydia installer is the best known and popular alternative. It is also one of the best performing offers and more software are available, but not the only option available, but many people think it is.

Weblin arrives, a web alternative to Cydia

Recently there is a new alternative. His name is Weblin and really offers features similar to Cydia with a great peculiarity is that rather than being an application installed on our iOS device, it is a web application.

Apparently the tool is fairly complete, but does not really offer great advantages when compared with Cydia, moreover, has certain shortcomings and according to preliminary tests fail pretty when installing certain applications or operating system modifications.

Not the first alternative that appears to Cydia, but unfortunately none has managed to overcome the first alternative installer appeared right with the original Jailbreak, which could make the original iPhone in 2007. There are very good Weblin attempts like this, but unfortunately the developers have not found a way to overcome Cydia and really differentiate.

I say unfortunately, because Cydia seems a bad choice, but I believe that competition is good and if you ever Cydia is surpassed by another alternative makers will surely continue batteries and further improving its alternative .

If you want to take a chance on this new installer can go to weblininstaller and follow the onscreen instructions to install the alternative to Cydia on your iOS device. You tell us your experience?

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