Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We test laptop battery Powerbank MP-5000

From BCN Phones have given us Powerbank Battery MP-5000 so that we can try. This external battery will allow us to extend the life of our device, especially if we talk about the current smartphones on the market ...

Powerbank 3

The battery is silver, has a weight of 150 g and a capacity of 5000 mAh, as the name suggests. It is the smallest of the world, but nowhere is uncomfortable to carry in a pocket, as a finger is smaller than an iPhone 5.

One advantage is the amount of exchangeable plugs included in the box, allowing load many different devices such as phones, tablets or handhelds. Also, if we did not find we need among its 10 models, we can use any USB cable to use the pin we want, as the connector Lightning iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, not included in the box : ( .

Powerbank 2

It has two USB outputs, allowing us to charge up to two different devices at the same time, using one cable and one of the pins and the other including, as mentioned, using our own cable.

powerbank 1

The battery is recharged via a mini USB cable included, so you'll need a computer to recharge (or an adapter, not included, to connect to the mains).

It has two LED indicators that allow us to know when it is on, and what is the remaining battery power by switching between red, purple or blue, depending on their condition.

It costs € 59 and you can buy it from here .

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  1. ncreasing battery life is far more important on laptops and tablets Mr.SparepartsOnline

  2. how about the usb 100W standard couldn't it make a real difference for tables and phones? maybe it can even become the laptop charger standard RR Parts Direct