Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Using Google Maps via Siri (without Jailbreak)

img 5434 Como usar Google Maps a trav├ęs de Siri (sin Jailbreak)

Yesterday, we told you how to turn Google Maps App in the default application to open Maps links today we are going to tell you how to use Siri for directions in Google Maps.

It may seem impossible because there is no Siri API for external applications (I remind you that Google Maps is already an external application in iOS 6, Google applications have been removed from the system), but if you include the words "via transit" after ask Siri a direction will give the directions with Google Maps instead of Apple Maps application.

Surely many of our readers prefer the Google Maps app to Apple native, but the truth is that not much data as Google Street View and ... not many other options, if you could open with MapsOpener and links can now use Google Maps through Siri and almost forget the Apple Maps application.

But there is a problem, this command only works in English, if you say it in Spanish ignores any. Surely there is some way to do it, but I have tried several on my iPhone and can not find it, also I've been looking online and all, as soon as we discover it will inform, but if anyone finds it before I left in the comments blog.

With things so we get an idea of the potential of Siri when no longer Beta and is fully open to all applications, we can do almost anything with your voice caulquier, write to Whatsapp or Line, a song with shazam hunting, etc.. Surely everyone comes up with some action that would like to do without having to touch the iPhone, just using your voice.

More - MapsOpener: Google Maps as the default mapping application on your iPhone (Cydia)

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