Sunday, December 30, 2012

Upload crime in New York 'because of the iPhones and iPads'

find my iphone Sube el crimen en Nueva York por culpa de los iPhones y los iPads

The city of New York already been announced throughout this year: too many citizens have suffered thefts of iPhones and iPads and finally, when do numbers, this has taken its toll. This week, police in the Big Apple has submitted a report which reveals that crime has been increased this year. Is the cause? 'That so many iPhones and iPads. "

Clearly, Apple devices have become the perfect treat thieves due to their high cost and high demand. The mayor of New York had no hesitation in pointing to these gadgets from Apple to cause that the number of crimes has risen to the 3484 in recent months. According to the mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg, "many iPhones and iPads were stolen this year."

And she has also confirmed the city police, claiming that the increase in thefts of Apple products is demonstrated by the 3890 police reports written by complaints from citizens, nothing more and nothing less.

In short, careful where you walk and Do not look your devices. And of course, do not forget to activate 'Find my iPhone'.

More information- Apple products remain the main target of the robbers in New York

Source- The New York Times

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