Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two mini robots, a tank and a jeep: new iPhone controlled toys

You may have noticed some sympathy and accessories and remote control toys for iPhone, iPad and other devices. And we personally draw little attention. We present today three new iPhone controlled toys Beewi: two mini robots, a tank and a jeep.


These three new designs completely different from each other that will go on sale the next few months. They work using Bluetooth or WiFi and will only be compatible with iPhone.

Os detailed below each of the products:

  • Kick Bee

Two cute mini robots football fans including a ball and a goal to match. The robots work with an app that you can download in the App Store soon and will go on sale next January at a price of 39 €. Simple, practical and curious, to say the least.

beewi robots

  • Bee Tank

A futuristic tank capable of launching small rockets. It will connect the iPhone via Bluetooth and will be released the first quarter of 2013. The price is still unknown. Is closer to the prototype of "car" remote control, but the design continues to be innovative, and to vary the traditional car. Especially emphasize the fact that it can launch rockets.

beewi tank

  • Scara Bee

A powerful off-road wheels with integrated camera and very resistant. IPhone will connect to a WiFi goes on sale this month for 129 €. Slightly more expensive than the first, but considering that integrates a camera, it's a fairly reasonable price. The truth is that apparently seems to be durable and meet the expectations of a 4 × 4.

beewi scara

Is there one that you call the attention? To us are really curious mini robots.

You can check the official website of Beewi to see more products and other details. But, as we say, these toys will not appear on the site until they go on sale.


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