Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tumbrl is updated and becomes universal

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If a rule is met in iOS is "always an app for that" and if not there just have to wait to come out or updated your needs. And today the network app Tumbrl microblog has been updated making it compatible with the iPad and getting much better experience on this device.

Before this update using the app in 2X mode when you wanted to upload any photos or media, and because I'm not a fan of using 2X on the iPad app, just do not feel well, that's why I have not installed Instagram, so to see this update was very happy because the option to browse Safari was not so good choice.

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The app can not find the black thread actually reminds me of the Pulse app for iPad, however it greatly improves the stability and fluidity of it, and completely takes advantage of being an app and not a webapp, making gifs contents are displayed sooner and not made heavy surf your desktop.

Sure it has support for portrait and landscape mode, with the options bar to your left you can see only the icon or if you are not very familiar with a slip of your finger you displays the name of the option.

For my taste lack the power on and off the option to send your post to Twiter or Facebook, because if you're a fan of reblog satiate your TL or wall, and let's be honest there are too many strange things in this social network Porn .

So if you're a fan of this social network and do not want to suffer with your webapp really recommend their app available from the App Store for free and in Spanish.

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