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Top 5 iPad Apps of 2012 According to Mashable

Just a few days left for that 2012 comes to an end. Many people are enjoying a few days of relaxing holidays with their families much needed break to start the new year with great force. 2013 will be a year tremendously interesting to the world of technology and mobile devices, a new year full of important developments, progress and probably many many changes.

app store ipad Mejores 5 Apps para iPad de 2012 SegĂșn Mashable

Best iPad apps in 2012 according to Mashable

The last days of the year, also usually a good time to look back and see what the year has left. 2012 has been the year of the tablet , the year of the iPad and also the year of the iPad mini, but was also the year that saw the birth really interesting applications. Mashable People wanted to list with which, in his opinion, are the top 5 apps for iPad that have been present for this year 2012 and are as follows:


Television has changed little since its inception a few years ago. The chains remain committed in the viewer simply get the content they emit no more. But people are not willing to this and gradually social networks have entered the hall of the house and accompany people while watching TV, and share their opinions in real time with other people who may be watching the same agenda.

Zeebox is an iPad app that makes television is more immersive than ever. Besides having its own social platform, users discover new content Zeebox tailored to their interests and tastes. Currently only available in the U.S., UK and Australia, Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries still no trace of the application, not even available on the App Store.

zeeboox Mejores 5 Apps para iPad de 2012 SegĂșn Mashable


Since its release the iPad really liked in art circles. Its capabilities make it an interesting device for sketches or drawings as complete and Paper applications for iPad these qualities are enhanced more.

The main advantage of the interface is Paper that has been reduced to a minimum. No bother menus are all hidden and only appear when the user needs it. One interesting application to take notes draw or simply completely free.


Perhaps iPhoto is one of the applications of this listing less presentation needs. Anyone who knows something of the world know Apple iPhoto. An application for quite some years is present in every new Mac and that is part of Apple's iLife suite.

For some time, the application is also available in the App Store for iPad. This is a great tool for cataloging collections of photos, make small tweaks to them or create amazing slideshows to surprise our friends and family.


In no time Google has managed to place its Chrome web browser as one of the major players in this market. Its minimalist interface, stability, and have achieved very quickly enrapture millions of computer users worldwide.

In recent months, Google has also managed to "sneak" their web browser in the App Store for iPad and iPhone. A great alternative to native iOS web browser, Safari, which includes features like data synchronization with the desktop version that many people use on their Mac or PC

The Walking Dead

By now everyone knows the television series The Walking Dead. The series has three seasons and winning the public and getting more fashionable than ever, the world of zombies.

The Walking Dead for iPad is a game based on the comic series that inspired the TV series. In the game the decisions the player makes the story will adapt. The game consists of five exciting episodes and has beautiful works based on the original comic.

Do you agree with Mashable? Echais? Any missing or spare you any of this list?

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