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Time named the iPhone 5 'Gadget of the Year'

iphone 5 141 Time nombra al iPhone 5 Gadget del año

Time magazine named the iPhone 5 'Gadget of the Year', as every year when this is completing the prestigious Time magazine publishes a list of the best and worst of the last 12 months, naming Apple phone as the 'Gadget of year. "

The iPhone 5 outperformed several competing products both Samsung and Microsoft, including the Note II Surface and tablet, and new video game console Nintendo Wii U. In fact, the author of Harry McCracken said to be one of the most skillfully polished gadgets that no one ever built. This is the list of the top 10:

● iPhone 5
● Nintendo Wii U
● Sony Cyber-shot RX100
● Raspberry Pi Model B
● Lytro
● Apple 15 "MacBook Pro with Retina Display
● Windows Microsoft Surface with RT
● Samsung Galaxy Note II
● Nest
● Simple TV

Here is an excerpt of the message McCracken:

"The iPhone 5, is acquired from $ 199 with a two-year contract, is one of the most skillfully polished gadgets that no one has ever built, with a higher screen than previous iPhones being even thinner, lighter ...

... There are plenty of ingenious smartphones out there, including his arch rival the Samsung Galaxy S III. But when it comes to merging hardware, software and services so hard, Apple has no rival. "

To say that the iPhone 5 is more than worth the number one. Remember that the list is not based only on innovation and capabilities. Moreover, it is also based on the public perception of the product and its market impact. In these respects, the phone is doing exceptionally well.

Back in September, Apple announced it had sold more than 5 million iPhone 5 during its first weekend. And since the phone launched in nearly 100 countries, including major releases in India and China today . Overall, Apple expects to sell over 40 million iPhones this quarter.

What do you think, that the iPhone 5 is 'Gadget of the Year' in 2012?

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