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Tim Cook talks about his recruitment by Steve Jobs in Time Magazine

tim cook apple 485x650 Tim Cook Habla sobre su Reclutamiento por Steve Jobs en la Revista Time

Just yesterday we learned that Time magazine had Tim Cook among shortlisted for the person of the year 2012 of the journal. Because of this selection, Time magazine published an extensive profile of the CEO of Apple. In this article Tim Cook speaks candidly about a range of topics, including how he was recruited and hired by Steve Jobs, and the unpredictability of Apple. We want to highlight some key quotes from this interview for you.

Cook has left much in the media in recent weeks, with both interviews and television Bloomberg earlier this month. And it's not hard to see why. A year ago he was asked if he could do something that seemed impossible to replace Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple. But Cook has led the company well, adding some 150,000 million to the capital of the technology company, and has sailed pretty rough waters at times.

This article briefly explains how he began his career at Apple:

"Almost immediately after arriving at Compaq, Cook began to get calls from headhunters Apple. Jobs returned from exile (he was fired from Apple in 1985, returning to the company 12 years later) and wanted to bring someone new to run the operations. At that time it was considered that Apple was stuck in a spiral that would lead to the ruin (only that year had lost 1000 million) and Cook had no interest in moving any of Compaq. But Jobs was a legend in the industry, so Cook decided to stay with him one Saturday morning in Palo Alto. "I was curious to know," says Cook. "We started talking and, I swear, with five minutes of conversation I began to think" I want to do this "" ".

According to the story, Cook went home on Sunday, Jobs offered him a job on Monday, and Tuesday Compaq Cook resigned. Tim said it was not what they were doing at Apple, so it was going to do. He liked the different culture of the apple: "I've never thought to do what everyone else does is a good strategy. All you can get doing this is to be in mid-table. "

Shortly after joining Apple, Tim Cook showed why he was right for the job. In late 1998, the operations expert spent 100 million dollars on air transport to ensure in advance that the new iMac would be shipped in time for the holiday season. As they say seems this impressed Jobs and it was this action which finally opened the way Tim Cook took to be elected as chief executive officer of the company.

"He does not look like Jobs, looks like something that would have Jobs. Tim Cook could have been designed by Jony Ive and manufactured in China in brushed aluminum.

And like an Apple product, Cook runs smoothly and fast. When Jobs died on October 5, 2011, of pancreatic cancer, had doubts whether Cook could run Apple. Some wondered, even if Apple would be a viable company without Jobs. Since then, Cook has gone about his business without being intimidated by his role as successor to one of the greatest innovators in history. Cook records have not been perfect, but masterfully presided comprehensive and systematic upgrade of each of the major product lines of the company, and has achieved an increase in the financial fortunes of the company that can only be described as historic. "

Yes, Cook records have been anything but perfect. Since taking the reins last year, has had to deal with several storms that have affected Apple, starting with the article in The New York Times that highlighted the poor working conditions in Foxconn factories, and more recently debacle iOS maps 6. Right now he's trying to keep things in a constant reorganization through executive and a sharp drop in the share price of Apple. But hey, is the head of the largest company in the world, nobody said it was easy.

But despite everything, the big question that many people are still doing is, can Apple continue to innovate without Steve Jobs? It is true that since he has taken over the company has not entered into any new market with a new product. There are rumors that this is about to change, with several reports in recent weeks that suggest that Apple is about to enter the TV market. Is it true?

"I asked Cook if he wanted to, if that would be the modus operandi of Apple in the future. He smiled and said: "Yes, definitely." When that happens, when Cook raise your hand and see what's underneath, then the world will see what Jobs saw in him. "

It's worth reading the full article (in English). If you are interested you can find it here . And if you're wondering if Tim Cook was finally chosen person of the year, the answer is no. Finally was elected president of the United States, Barack Obama.

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