Friday, December 7, 2012

Tim Cook speaks on television, layoffs of Apple and Steve Jobs

Screen Shot 2012 12 07 at 1.01.31 PM Tim Cook habla sobre la televisiĆ³n, los despidos de Apple y Steve Jobs

As this week's news overtook iPhone , the first interview of Tim Cook exclusively for American television has already been issued. Last night we saw an interview on NBC (with prepared questions and answers clearly) that the journalist Brian Williams had with the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook.

The answers, formal manner and within the typical corporate tone, yielded interesting information. There were moments to discuss the company's future projects, their benefits and even Steve Jobs. Tim Cook says she misses who "was his friend and mentor." Steve Jobs advised Cook something before dying: "when you have to make decisions, never wonder what Steve Jobs would have done. Just do what you think is right. "

In his interview, Cook acknowledged that the issue of "maps have blundered." For this reason, the dismissal of several officials have been necessary to improve the product, according to Cook justified. The company is already working around the clock to improve the application.

There was time to talk about the production of the company's devices: why does everything from China? Cook justified that Apple has not brought production to China for reasons of money, but because there are educated workers to addressing major productions. However, in the United States are not many qualified professionals. Yes, Apple has already announced that it will output the new Macs to the United States. Hence it is justified that we could see the first iMacs with an engraving that says they have been manufactured in the country. "This will create more jobs in America and we can begin educating professionals dedicated to big productions," Cook claimed.

iMac ensamblado en USA Tim Cook habla sobre la televisiĆ³n, los despidos de Apple y Steve Jobs

What about television? Obviously, Cook could not recognize anything officially, but his smile betrayed during the interview that Apple is behind the project: "Every time I go to my living room and put my TV, I have the feeling that I travel 20 to 30 years back in time. " Clearly, the company aims to revolutionize the industry with a product that probably will be released next year.

Despite the initial uncertainty that was built around the loss of Jobs, Cook has proved a great leader. Since he passed his predecessor, Steve Jobs, Apple has increased its value by more than 40% in just one year.

You can see the full interview on the NBC site .

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