Friday, December 7, 2012

Tim Cook says it uses the iOS virtual keyboard 80% of the time

entrevista tim cook Tim Cook asegura que utiliza el teclado virtual de iOS el 80% del tiempo

It seems that the interview that Tim Cook has given people the program Rock Center on NBC is giving more than talk about what we might have thought initially.

As we discussed, the meeting was held in Grand Central Station New York , specifically in the Apple Store that Apple opened a few months ago. This means that Tim Cook was uncomfortable with the place because it is its own territory, a place well known for it.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the interview was the part that talks about the interest that Apple has in the TV market , although this was not the only pearl that left the chat between Tim Cook and NBC interviewer .

Tim Cook says he usually responds to emails from Apple customers

Tim says he reads the emails you receive from Apple customers and in many cases also sends responses directly. It also ensures that this is done mostly using virtual keyboards on iPhone or the iPad, he even ensure that by physical keyboards are half dead and that 80% of the time using virtual keyboards iOS devices.

Good to know that Tim Cook continues to respond to emails from Apple customers as did his predecessor as head of Apple, Steve Jobs. This is not something that usually do the CEOs of large companies and certainly is something a little different to other companies Apple.

At one point in the interview Cook shows his iPhone 5 and see how the camera tries to capture the screen of the device, but unfortunately you can not appreciate too well the applications that the Apple CEO has installed on your iPhone 5, would certainly be a interesting curiosity to know this.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that Cook has a white iPhone 5 and not one black. It is often said that the black is more elegant and discreet and would appear to be more market-oriented business, but this again shows that Apple is not a company more and does not look at this kind of "rules" unwritten, that really seem a thing of the past more than something that should give importance today Did mobile suits and black do we do better job?

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