Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tim Cook leaves some clues about Apple movements

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, was recently interviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek Tyrangiel Josh and Brian Williams of NBC. From everything I said in both interviews, can draw some strokes that define the past, present and future of Apple.

For example, Apple is going to invest over 100 million to bring production of its desktop product line to the U.S.. This means thousands of jobs for American industry sector. However, the controversy is that it has added not bring more production lines from Asia because there are not enough workers with the skills at home. There goes that.

As you know, television is one of the topics of most interest to the CEO of Apple. He left a message saying that the industry has advanced technology all together (Internet, mobile, operating systems, ...) but the TV market has been stopped, except for some innovations in hardware.

entrevista tim cook pistas apple 628x350 Tim Cook deja algunas pistas sobre los movimientos de Apple

When asked about the topic of Siri and Apple Maps, Cook did not mince words and admitted they were putting all eggs in one basket to solve the associated errors. It also supports that are deeply disappointed with the problems that are causing their past indiscretions to users.

It justifies saying exactly what they were trying was to improve the user experience, but they do not come out as expected. Calls some patience and we are confident that in a few months the thing will be much better.

What do you think about Cook and his way of looking at the new Apple? Do you like their management or preferíais of Steve Jobs?

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