Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tim Cook is very interested in the TV market

Amid the drop in Apple stock most talked of recent years, we bring you a more relaxed news on possible options for the future of the company, you should start looking for new horizons after the success of the iPad Mini.

The U.S. network NBC has interviewed Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and its contents will be issued today raising great expectations. However, we already have some information about what will be in it. For example, that Tim Cook is greatly interested in the Smart TV market, fueling rumors one of the oldest in the history of the apple company.

Of course, at the insistence of the interviewer, the Apple executive declined to give more details, but we know that one of his main interests was now the concept of intelligent living, which would accommodate a hypothetical iTV .

apple interesado tv 502x350 Tim Cook está muy interesado por el mercado de las televisiones

If I remember correctly, the late Steve Jobs never liked too the idea of launching a smart television, preferring everything controlase using an iPhone or iPad with iOS, Apple TV and a WiFi receiver.

In any case, Tim Cook, things have changed. In fact, admits that when he enters his room and turned on the TV, it feels like it had gone back in time twenty or thirty years. It may be a bit exaggerated, but not without reason.

Some competitors have tried to get smart TVs, and the thing has not gone too well for the difficulty that this expensive technology into the homes of consumers. However, Apple has shown that they can succeed where others had not succeeded this time Did you get?.

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