Monday, December 3, 2012

Tim Cook gave an interview to NBC

tim cook gran central entrevista Tim Cook concede una entrevista a la cadena NBC

So far, Tim Cook has had the tough task of leading Apple after the death of Steve Jobs. We can not imagine the pressure he is under the leader, so that just made public appearances since being in office, and in a way this is something a little odd considering that runs one of the world's most powerful companies.

Tim Cook gives one of his first interviews to NBC

Now that we have refreshed its entire product range, it appears that Cook has taken a while and decided to give one of his first interviews for a major television, specifically for NBC.

Cook has been seen walking through Grand Central Station with one of the reporters in the chain and is curious that until they enter the Apple Store in the commercial area of ​​the station no one recognizes him, up to the images that accompany these lines gives the feeling that one of the store employees to saluting not just to recognize it right.

The interview will air on NBC's Rock Center on 6th of December, that is, on Thursday of this week. We do not know if in Spain can be seen in some way, but considering that many people will be aware that someone else just secure online publishing, or the chain itself or someone else.

Do we know more Tim Cook thanks to this interview? There are still a few days waiting to know that unveils the new CEO of Apple in the interview.

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