Friday, December 28, 2012

Third day of gifts iTunes: Geomaster 2, the best game to learn geography

Apple is continuing its 12 days of gifts and, after the first two installments where we had the opportunity to get hold of multimedia content and a fantastic game of football strategy, today we get to the second version of one of the best games to learn geography, Geomaster 2.

Geomaster 2

Following the success of the first version of the game, Geomaster 2 brings several improvements, both by number of games in other aspects at the interface level.

In Geomaster 2, the player is facing different challenges, all related to the geographic location of different global issues such as: monuments in the world, seas and oceans, location of countries, recognition of flags, mountains, capitals of the world, cities by continent, etc.. Thus, the game will give us some time to locate a particular aspect making "tap" on the map.

Localización ciudades y monumentos Geomaster 2

To obtain scores, percentages will range from scores (such as the location of seas and oceans) or objective ratings required by approximation, in the sense that, for example, to locate a city monument or required, the more we approach the place where you are, the more points we will. In all cases always required to exceed a minimum score to pass to the next round.

Undoubtedly, this is a great combination of entertainment and improving worldwide geographic knowledge that will undoubtedly become a great choice to liven up our spare time to give us the ability to hook to learn more aspects of this world in which we live.

Localización de mares, océanos y reconocimiento de banderas Geomaster 2

Apple also lets us direct access into your application 12 days of gifts, here you have the link to the App Store for Geomaster 2, valid for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, in Spanish, perfectly adapted to Retina display and optimized for the new iPhone 5 screen.

12 days of gifts in iTunes

Geomaster 2

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