Sunday, December 30, 2012

The zombie apocalypse invades our iOS devices

 El apocalipsis zombie invade nuestros dispositivos iOS

The zombies are back in fashion. The horror genre has been one of the most 'revived' in the last century, with booms and other decadent. It seems that the success produced by the series 'The Walking Dead' (based on the comics by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore) has made ​​the undead back stronger than ever.

In fact, the last to join this phenomenon has been the actor Brad Pitt, who stars in ' World War Z ', a film that will be released in January 2013. So far as we could see a very promising trailer, which shows 'mountains of zombies', literally. Surely, we can expect a film-related app for our iPhones and iPads.

But zombies are not only present in the small and big screen have also invaded our iOS devices. In fact, one of the most successful games of the year is the adaptation of 'The Walking Dead' by Telltale Games , which is the level of the original comics. A fully rounded business for the developer, and has raised several seasons divided into different episodes. This means that if the game engages the user, it will have to checkout repeatedly making micropayments to follow the evolution of the story of Lee, the character you control. This is a title in the history predominates over action, as it forces the player to make difficult decisions in just a few seconds. These decisions will change the course of history.

zombies El apocalipsis zombie invade nuestros dispositivos iOS

Another addictive game found in the App Store is' Running Dead ', an' endless-runner 'in which the zombies are the absolute protagonists and drinking from hits like' Resident Evil '. In this title we have an inventory that we can choose different characters, weapons and upgrades to get as far as possible. As we go through the levels, in which we have to shoot different types of enemies and escape the zombies creeping closer, we accumulate coins. These coins will use them to improve our inventory. Another formula for success that has already won over a million downloads in the App Store that uses the formula of 'in-app purchase'.

These are the two most powerful of the App Store shows that the genre never dies.


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