Friday, December 21, 2012

The yacht Steve Jobs held in Holland in a dispute with the designer

Philippe Starck was the designer chosen by Steve Jobs to design one of his dreams: his own private yacht. The designer is famous for having created all sorts of products, from homes to boats, to other products much easier as tooth brushes.

Venus, which is the name given to the ship, was launched last October. The ship has 80 meters long, extremely minimalist design and has been known as Jobs was really into the whole project, deciding every detail of the final finish of the boat.

The ship designer Steve Jobs claimed 3 million to the family

yate steve jobs El yate de Steve Jobs retenido en Holanda por una disputa con el diseƱador

Now it has been known that the ship has been detained in the Netherlands because of a complaint that Philippe Starck's lawyers have filed against the family of Steve Jobs for unpaid part of the "bill" for the design work done.

The original cost of the boat was about 150 million euros and the match was that Steve Jobs would take charge Starck 6% of the total cost of the boat, so that the figure that the family should pay the designer is about 9 million dollars. The fact is that the family of the late Steve Jobs claims that the actual cost of the boat is 105 million dollars, so the amount that Stark should get lower, namely about 6 million.

The ship is docked at the port since last December 8 and will not be released until the dispute between the parties will get settle. Whether for the parties reach an agreement, by which Starck accept the $ 6 million without further or Jobs's family agrees to pay those $ 3 million claiming the famous designer.

Anyway, it's a real shame that a megayacht as Venus is anchored in a port for a legal issue like this. Steve Jobs certainly solve the problem in the blink of an eye (apparently was a great friend of Starck), we will see what this whole thing is prolonged in family hands.

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