Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The war between Instagram and Twitter: its origins and current status

Instagram Facebook Twitter La guerra entre Instagram y Twitter: sus orĂ­genes y el estado actual

No more warmth: Instagram social networks and Twitter are at war. It all started when Facebook bought social network best known photographic iOS devices: Instagram. The acquisition by the company did not please Zuckerberg on Twitter and from that moment it was made clear that Instagram would become a direct competitor rather than a complement for Twitter users.

The next step was taken by Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, which reported that Instagram users could no longer find friends on Twitter. Thus, the social network of bluebird guide made sure not to its millions of users to competition.

Instagram's response to this provocation has been long in coming, but finally here. platform has stopped displaying their images on Twitter , so, users who want to view images from Instagram will have to click on a link that takes them directly to the web. So, Instagram leads users to its platform and increases its number of visitors. Who gets hurt from this? Clearly, the user will now have to spend more time browsing Twitter and Instagram.

The heads of Twitter knew from the beginning that this day would come and that is why preparing an updated iPhone app that let in the background to Instagram. Finally, the new version has arrived this week and promises to unseat Instagram effectively as it offers filters and retouching photographs that go up to the social network of 140 characters. A move likely to cause loss Instagram users, even though the platform has also launched a major update this week on the App Store.

instagram filtros twitter La guerra entre Instagram y Twitter: sus orĂ­genes y el estado actual

Who wins the battle right now? Now things are very tight: for each step of the two companies gives, the other has already prepared a response to attack. It is clear that the more competition, the better: users always gain from better services and more tools. Yes, Instagram should seek innovative ideas, because the heels Twitter right now. To this we must add that Facebook leads inactivity among users experiencing for weeks.

Who do you think will win this battle? Respond to this article or send us your comments via Twitter using the hashtag # podcastiphone. This week we will echo the debate on the Podcast News iPhone.

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