Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The wait is over Google Maps came to iPhone

As we all know iOS beta 6 since February brought surprise of the disappearance of the native Google Maps app, and with it all the benefits that this service had, as its database, the view from the street among other functions depending town. It was no secret that this app was not for about the same app to Android phones enjoyed having some options "capadas" that neither Google nor Apple could agree.

The result was the disappearance of this app and its replacement with one made by Apple. Of this there is much more to tell, the big mistakes that have to give directions, lack of information, and lack of precision in some cases, cost him more than one job and made the guy give Tim an apology out have launched this application in that state.

Since then left to correct many applications, and leverage, this "error" of Apple, Nokia launched its HERE, apps like Tom Tom, Navigation, among others, were recommended, but many users still choosing to use the Web version of Google Maps, with all the limitations it has on iOS devices.

The big surprise, well not so much because there were rumors of its release, was released today on 12/12/12 when he made his appearance in the AppStore app Google Maps, which brings us several options that are missed and some that are new to our iPhone. We back the "street view", traffic information, view "fly over", and the option for turn by turn directions to your destination.

A curious fact is that you need to have a Google account to access the app, if not you can make one from the app, you will not enter the app without an account of google, google smart move. Ment, and I apologize, I am informed that you can access the app without Login, this of blindness already know.

Upon entering the app will see a rather sober design, with the search bar at the top, next is the search button route, and next to this is the button to enter the account login did . Below we display the locator that lets you switch between a map view or 3D view conventional or Fly Over

At the bottom right is the button to enter the different layers that can activate, such as traffic, public transportation, satellite view and launch the app from Google Earth (not available in the AppStore mexicana)

To see the option to "street view" can be done in two ways, the first is looking for an address, to show us find below a table of information and the option to see the view from the street. The second is to keep your finger on the place we want to see to place a bookmark, and this will give us the street view option. As a bonus when you are in this view you can select the option to manipulate the view with the gyroscope and accelerometer or move it with your fingers

But not everything can be hunky-dory, and following a tradition of throwing Google app, currently has no native support for the iPad, so if they want to have on this device have to use it as an app in 2x .

These are the basic things I've tried so far, if any of you discover something else share it in the comments, as well as their sense of regaining Google Maps on your iPhone.

Thanks to @ Odysseus that notice of launch

This is the link to the AppStore for free download. Mexico is the AppStore if it does not work for some

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