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The update rate of Apple products could rise in 2013

Since Apple got into the mobile device market have seen how the company has followed a pace of updates and annual renewals. Since 2007, when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone, to this day every year has been a new iPhone. In 2007 the original iPhone, 2008 iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS 2009, 2010, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S 2011 and 2012 that is running saw the birth of the iPhone 5, the model currently in all shelves stores (accompanied in some cases by the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4).

With the iPad has gone more or less identical. In 2010 appeared the original model, the 2011 came the iPad 2 and in 2012 did not expect something for nothing: Apple launched the iPad 3 (or iPad as they called again) and a few months later came an update of certain components, something which for many is an iPad 4, a fairly new model, but only inside. In addition, 2012 was also the year where we saw the iPad mini made ​​his appearance.

The mobile device market has changed and Apple must adapt

apple tim cook El Ritmo de Actualización de Productos de Apple podría Aumentar en 2013

Right now, Apple has the majority of its current core products and really there are some doubts about the strategy that you can follow updates from now on, although opinions who believe that the annual renewal model devices has come to an end and that from now we will see updates Apple products much more frequent.

The market has changed considerably and competition from Apple is engaged in launching new devices continuously. As there is a new device on the market, just spend a few days until it starts talking about the specifications of the following model and a few months after reaching the market. In other cases, a new model and a few weeks comes new versions of the same device: more powerful or less, but the new version after all.

Instead, Apple has been releasing updates almost annually, which ensures that sales are concentrated at certain times of the year and makes many people postpone their purchase waiting for the next generation of a device that may still take some time to arrive.

Now it seems that things do change and if the rumors cases is quite possible that the update rate of the iPhone and Apple iPad display increased. Just weeks ago the iPad 4 and iPad mini hit the market, but already there is talk that in March could reach the next generation of iPad Mini with Retina display and processor A6X and with him a new iPad 9.7 inches with the same design as the iPhone 5 and the current mini iPad.

The same external design, several different versions

ipad mini retina1 El Ritmo de Actualización de Productos de Apple podría Aumentar en 2013

If this is just confirming it would not be surprising that many consumers of Apple products is quite important pillasen rebound. We are used to purchase products and that these are "the latest model" for at least a year, but if confirmed this change in the pace of renovation of Apple products we forget this, because it will be very difficult to always be the last unless we have a very large pocket. Apple could bet on the trend that has continued in recent years, make a single design for multiple versions of your device and change all the interior components to accommodate increasingly sophisticated and powerful. Something we've seen on various mobile devices (iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS or iPad 2 and iPad 3) and that the apple company has been using on their computers for a lot of years. Perhaps now, instead of seeing only two versions with the same external design, and see three or four general appearance change is made only once a year (or more each time).

It seems that we have to start watching the market for tablets and phones as computers. Always come something better than what is currently available and is a bit absurd to expect, and that tomorrow will buy something else to exceed it. In computer world this has been so for many years (and still is, though perhaps in a less exaggerated) and the world of mobile devices is starting to happen and each time in a more exaggerated.

Will we see a real change in the "modus operandi" of Apple? Will there be more updates and news during 2013? Have to wait and see what the company during the year. Without doubt, 2013 is presented as an interesting year, the second year of the new Apple.

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