Thursday, December 27, 2012

The true meaning of Failbreak

iPhone5 jailbreak El verdadero significado de Failbreak

I already talked about the jailbreak of the iPhone 5 would only hackers and could not get to the public (for unknown reasons), and much has been said of this appeal Failbreak on the feedback we receive each day. Apparently we are misusing the term Failbreak.

Pod2g and Saurik Musclenerd heard the term used while talking on IRC and then extrapolated the meaning, chpwn had to clarify for twitter and from there around the world are using it wrong. It is important to differentiate because people are assuming they have a fully functional jailbreak and actually this is not so. Specifically a "failbreak" is a malfunctioning jailbreak a jailbreak in which impede kernel patches Mobile Substrate operation. Saurik offers a tool called "vmcheck" people who develop the jailbreak to be doing tests, and when these tests induce this error is called failbreak. In summary, a failbreak is a jailbreak that does not work.

So is there a jailbreak Failbreak or functional? Apparently having a Failbreak, because if you use the tool on Saurik chpwn jailbreak does not work.

So we can only hope, keep waiting ... The hackers are working on getting a functional jailbreak, but for now just get fail (Failbreak), it appears that iOS 6 security has become much more complex than what Apple us was used in earlier versions of iOS.

However, and I say this as a personal opinion, I have an iPhone 5 with iOS 6 and the only thing I miss is Zephyr. You can live without jailbreak, and apparently we will have to get used to.

PS: Thanks to KarmApple for lending me the link to this information using Twitter.

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Source - Reddit

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