Thursday, December 27, 2012

The return of rumors about the Apple iWatch

ipod nano 6 fashion 0151 Vuelven los rumores sobre el Apple iWatch

The return of rumors about the watch company Apple, the Apple iWatch again the subject of speculation and rumor has renewed this morning, with Intel adding to all companies now come together for the project. With Bluetooth 4.0 connection, so it may be associated with an iPhone or iPad, and a 1.5-inch screen, and a supposed release window set in the first half of 2013. In other words, soon. All in accordance with TGBUS:

The supply chain, said Intel is designing for Apple Bluetooth smart watches, this product has a 1.5 inch screen OLED RiTdisplay and materials for the product.

Intel's support in this product is interesting possible is interesting. While lines of Apple Macs now have Intel inside all, Apple has not made anything significant with Intel on its line of iOS devices. Similarly, the OLED rumor.

Rumors of an iWatch, while not as persistent as iTV television rumors grew rapidly when Apple announced the iPod nano with iOS, Steve Jobs joked that board members wanted to use as watches. Speculation immediately jumped to the public and may be used by iOS devices, bringing these more powerful devices in pockets and bags Siri managing them for instructions and see our notices and other information on your screen on our wrist.

Publish nothing that the company had launched a Casio watch that also incorporates Bluetooth 4.0 that warns of incoming calls, emails and messages. Given the popularity of using the iPod nano as a watch maybe Apple has seen the reef and the business object, with the future as television, is hard to imagine that Apple does not have a project or prototype or more in their laboratories testing it like the rumored clock.

The question would you like an Apple iWatch?

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