Monday, December 24, 2012

The poster of Uncle Pepe returned to the Puerta del Sol

tio pepe El cartel del Tío Pepe volverá a la Puerta del Sol

There were many locals who do not like the idea of the Puerta del Sol ran out of one of your icons for the arrival of Apple to the city center: the poster of Uncle Pepe's days were numbered. This year, the California company acquired the Madrid building where until recently was located the Hotel Paris. During the renovation of the building, the roof was removed the poster of Uncle Pepe who had located on the site for some 80 years. A few weeks later he admitted that Apple had no intention of recovering the poster.

Last Friday, the Heritage Committee of the Community of Madrid approved its relocation to a new building, also located in the Puerta del Sol The poster is located at number 11 of the square, between the streets and Carmen and Preciados steps of the Real Casa de Correos.

At the moment it is not known exactly when the sign will be placed in its new building, but it was not until 2013, by which, in the Strokes this year we can not see.

The building will house offices Apple company in Spain and a large new store. It was logical that Apple will not approve a billboard that would take away historic role in his most ambitious project in Spain.

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Source- RTVE

Photo- The Country

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