Sunday, December 16, 2012

The output of Google Maps for iOS only affects users to update to iOS 6

The arrival of iOS 6 for mobile devices and tablets, brought several new software level. Many demanded by users for a long time, as was the case of Siri, our favorite voice assistant, learned Castilian or finally, that from that moment, we might be able to use FaceTime on data connection.

But also came loaded with new native applications for Apple, as Passbook and, of course, a new challenge for Cupertino: the inclusion of its own application "Maps", and all that it entails at geolocation, mapping, etc.

For all this, were millions of users who were counting days, hours and minutes for the September 19, could enjoy this new version. In this regard, and in accordance with the company Chitika, in the month of October, the adoption of IOS 6 by the users was approximately 60%. We must remember that those first weeks were marked and featuring many negative reviews native Maps application that Apple had filed, including his own Tim Cook had to ask publicly apologize for the severe shortcomings through a letter addressed to all users .

Therefore, much users chose not to upgrade to the new version simply continue counting with Google Maps in its native application for pre-6.0 versions. With the official release of Google Maps for iOS and nonnative application a few days ago, it was expected that the users were able to finally upgrade the operating system so you can have both with news of new software and enjoy all the potential application launched by the giant Mountan View.

However, after these early days that Apple users can enjoy in our terminal maps Google, the impact of the adoption of iOS 6 has been virtually no increase and, much less significantly. The graph below shows the evolution of the new software updates for the first 48 hours:

ios6 adoption google maps

It can be seen that growth increases from 72.77% to 72.94% just one. While these data are the first few hours, there may be two aspects to consider that can go justifying this poor growth in updates: first, the Apple Maps are not so lacking in quality, yet we know that Google has spent years in this field and their level of sophistication is well above. Apple maps do not show much information to street level as Google, but its GPS navigation is very good. Meanwhile, rumors have come true, and loyal users to Google Maps have waited for this moment to upgrade to iOS and in the coming days, these growth figures will be much higher.

Undoubtedly, since we are well aware EsferaiPhone to let you know the latest news and how it is evolving to adopt implementing iOS 6 on all supported mobile devices and tablets. Here you have, if you have not yet, the new Google Maps app for iOS, available for free in the App Store for i Phone. Maybe when available for iPad that graph change more significantly ...

Google Maps iOS


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