Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The new Apple campus: fully hermetic

centro de apple 1024x426 El nuevo campus de Apple: totalmente herm├ętico

Visitors will not be welcome on campus that Apple wants to start building in Cupertino next year. This great 'spaceship', can accommodate tens of thousands of people. But Phil Schiller, Apple's vice president of marketing, confirmed this week that visitors are not welcome at this new center, since the place will not have any visitors center.

In the current headquarters, also located in the city of Cupertino, yes that allowed visitors. But employees who want to take someone need to ask permission first. Thus, the new building will be devoted exclusively to the direct employees of Apple and probably also open its doors to the press events.

And this center has an auditorium enough to accommodate hundreds of media, which, since Apple would not have to resort to third-party buildings to hold their events. Also, get preserve secrecy until the last minute. Until now, when Apple responsible buildings begin preparing for their events, they have been difficult not to disclose information. For example, iCloud was confirmed a day before your presentation with images we could see the cloud in the convention center in San Francisco that Apple held their annual World Developers Conference.

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