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The most important news on the iPhone in 2012

 Las noticias más importantes sobre el iPhone en 2012

He finished the year, and since we do News iPhone balance everything that happened in relation to the iPhone during 2012.

We will summarize the most important news of the iPhone that we have read on our website, certainly missing that we forget, we expect comenteis most important to you in the comments.

iPhone 5

As there, the biggest news of the year was the launch of the new iPhone 5, an enhanced phone with 4-inch screen, a new design that (being continuo) further improves the existing and a processor capable of face to face to consoles like the Sony PS Vita.

Also important have been previous leaks, since the proportion and size of the screen to the rear of the housing materials. Even saw early headphones:

iOS 6

The operating system of the iPhone 5, extended to other devices, even the "old" iPhone 3GS has been one of the great innovations of the iPhone, the problems with maps, Siri in Spanish (finally) and a bunch of new features that will 've been counting since the betas of iOS 6 to version 6.1 is about to be launched:


We would love to break the news of a jailbreak of iOS 6 for all devices, be the first jailbreak iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 4 ... but it was not possible, it appears that iOS security has taken a big step forward This year, there is even talk that it will be harder to get a jailbreak when it launches iOS 6.1. Meanwhile if we have seen this year the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 on all devices:


This year Apple has become the world's most valuable company, its growth is unstoppable, but it is also true that their actions have suffered the biggest drop in recent years, from $ 700 per share to nearly $ 500 we seen lately:

What has been most important to you in this year 2012?

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