Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Mini iPad launches in China without much disturbances

The iPad Mini's playing today in China, with a pitch that would measure largely product acceptance in the Asian giant. However, there appear to have raised little stir, especially when compared with that assemble the iPhone 4S launch last year.

In fact, some witnesses say the new iPad Mini reception by fans of technology in China has been "almost nonexistent." Moreover, buyers who visited the offices in which is now available on 7-inch iPad and Apple peak, s alieron the store with other products such as fourth-generation iPad.

ipad mini china sin problemas 405x350 El iPad Mini se lanza en China sin demasiados disturbios

This hits pretty if we recall that erupted last winter when it went on sale the iPhone 4S and had to temporarily stop sales of the riots that had caused its release. It may all be due to the new reservation system, forcing buyers to tell from the web that are going to buy the iPad Mini, before coming to the store for him.

It turns out that many of those who wanted to buy the iPad Mini came to Hong Kong last month, they could not wait for the new Apple device in his hands. Thus, most users leaving stores do an iPad 4 under the arm that was not previously reserve.

ipad mini china sin problemas 2 El iPad Mini se lanza en China sin demasiados disturbios

We all know that the apple company is making great efforts to penetrate the Chinese market, where it competes against local companies here barely know, but offer top quality products and very cheap.

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