Saturday, December 29, 2012

The MacPhone and other old designs of Apple

We always draw attention Apple designs that failed to posterity. Surely, much of the ideas in our iPad and iPhone, emerged after hundreds of tests that never reached the fame he deserved. Perhaps, because it was time.

Today we will discuss some of the designs from Apple that never saw the light. We had access to the photos by the book Design Forward, designer Hartmut Esslinger. The book will be available on Amazon starting next month, and promises big surprises.

diseños antiguos apple macphone 458x350 El MacPhone y otros diseños antiguos de Apple

Here are some pictures of these designs, taken from the selection of 10 designs apple company proposes and discusses the industrial designer in his work. Note that the designs discussed in the book are not only Apple, but also about Sony, SAP and other companies.

diseños antiguos apple macphone 2 474x350 El MacPhone y otros diseños antiguos de Apple

The MacPhone, a touchscreen phone, a pencil is controlled by one of them. Can you imagine such a device today? I certainly do not. It is something like an iPad with 3G connectivity made ​​in prehistory, but instead using the corded telephone to send the image that the user has painted on the screen.

diseños antiguos apple macphone 4 467x350 El MacPhone y otros diseños antiguos de Apple

And here is a Newton, a tablet that came archaic at a time when the market was not ready for tablets. Was short-lived and so many of you do not know, because Steve Jobs buried him when he returned to Apple in 1996.

diseños antiguos apple macphone 3 236x350 El MacPhone y otros diseños antiguos de Apple

The MacPhone, the Snow White 2, the Baby Mac What do you think of the designs of the eighties? Do you think he would have succeeded to get out in time? Why Apple did not give them a chance?

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