Thursday, December 27, 2012

The iPhone in 5 Years

Many of us love the iPhone, both for what he does now as I could do in future years. There is a huge industry dedicated to making models and renders, and have made some designs that show what the iPhone could do in the coming years.

According Aatma Studios, the iPhone of the future will have holographic keyboard (We saw that Fox News thought it was real). One student designed a virtual keyboard that makes typing and vibrating on flat surfaces. Taking these signs design, users of YouTube FranSnk3d hung this video the other day:

I know these features sound very crazy and hard to believe, but maybe if we had taught the actual iPhone five years ago when it launched the first (January 2007), we also thought it was not possible. Do not forget that the pico projection is growing and that holograms have come a long way.

So, who can ensure that these concepts are not real in the iPhone in 5 years? The future is here. For now, Samsung and promises flexible screen phones. Every time we have more screen phones 1080, so a 1080 iPhone is likely to before long. And with flexible displays pushing through smartphones and tablet of the future, a flexible screen iPhone would not be unreasonable.

 El iPhone dentro de 5 Años

Speaking of screens, how about a transparent screen iPhone?

At CES 2011, Motorola was the first to bring to life the idea of a smartphone that was also with your desktop PC Atrix.

Motorola Atrix 537x350 El iPhone dentro de 5 Años

What all these examples have in common?

Easy, these are the technologies that could easily apply today and start being validated for general use.

Apple only uses the latest technology where it makes sense (hence the iPhone still does not have support for NFC), but the industry is not going to be quiet, and if Apple does not do it someone else will.

At least we know that Apple is investigating for the future. The company patented a pico projection systems that can read and react to the silhouettes of the gestures that are in front of the projection. They also have an interesting patent 3D gestures to Minority Report style. Obviously we do not know if any of these inventions will become Apple device sometime in the near future.

So, does anyone dares to say that the 2017 iPhone will not have any of these characteristics?

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