Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The iPhone 5 will steal iPad sales this Christmas

As the weeks progress, analysts strive to achieve the best possible estimates for Christmas sales of Apple's flagship products: the iPhone and iPad.

For example, Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee, told his investors that increased supplies of iPhone 5 to stores immediately would result in a significant increase in sales. Meanwhile, buyers of tablets are decanting the iPad Mini , which will affect profits for the company under the block (for the iPad 4 is considerably more expensive).

iphone 5 roba ventas ipad 466x350 El iPhone 5 robarĂ¡ ventas al iPad estas Navidades

In general, it is expected that Apple sold during the quarter 47.5 million units of its new iPhone 5, a little more than the previous estimate. On the iPad, however, estimated sales have dropped from 25 million to 23 million and a half units.

In both cases, the facility to supply the stock seems to be the key factor, and that the assembly of the iPhone 5 has improved after major setbacks this fall. However, the supply of iPad seems to be going well, so they will not sell as many as expected.

iphone 5 roba ventas ipad 2 466x350 El iPhone 5 robarĂ¡ ventas al iPad estas Navidades

The truth is that iPad buyers drain 4 to the iPad Mini, is something that has been discussed at length.'s New iPad with Retina display is not selling well, especially in these times when we must watch every dollar you spend.

In any case, Apple itself has long assumed that without stealing users themselves, another competitor would and it would be worse for their objectives. What do you think?

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