Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The iPhone 5 is the most wanted device 2012

There may be many more Android devices than iOS on sale, no one denies that. But what can not be denied is that the iPhone 5 is one of the most wanted devices among lovers of technology, if not the most. Today we will analyze a recent statistic that is corroborated.

And how we know this? For easy, simply observing the words people search for major search engines and social networks. For example, Yahoo has released today the statistics on how users search throughout the year in your engine. And the results have been quite interesting.

iphone 5 mas buscado 2012 1 193x350 El iPhone 5 es el dispositivo más buscado de 2012

In particular, note that the iPhone 5 was the most wanted device around 2012 (or so far from it). In fact, is struggling with the word "elections" for being the most wanted concept all year, leaving behind the model and actress Kim Kardashian, who is now in third place. Do you get before the end of December?

Moreover, among the list of most searched words on the Yahoo search engine, there are three Apple devices. Not surprisingly, their iPhone 5 (first place), iPad Mini (second place) and iPad 3 (fifth) have generated more excitement than ever, selling out in hours and causing queues at the doors of the Apple Store as never before seen.

iphone 5 mas buscado 2012 2 El iPhone 5 es el dispositivo más buscado de 2012

As you can see, despite the problem of the maps and the recent turmoil in the offices of Apple, people will still interest the technology that brings the apple company. The ball is now in the roof of the company Tim Cook, who must regain the trust of consumers.

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