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The iPad will continue to dominate the tablet market until 2016

ipad apple El iPad seguirá dominando el mercado de los tablets hasta el 2016

The year is ending and as usual at the annual analysts make their forecasts total sales and annual summaries.

Sales of tablets during 2012 has been unstoppable and more and more manufacturers have joined this market. Currently the list of available tablets is quite large and the competition has not stopped growing, but it is also important to mention that the market for tablets is much larger than twelve months ago and it seems to continue to grow steadily in the coming years.

Android gains strength, but the iPad will continue to dominate until 2016

According to research firm IDC, Apple will end the year with a market share of 53.8%, somewhat below the rate obtained in 2011 which peaked at 56.3% and will continue to dominate more than half of the market to by 2016. As for his rivals, the Android tablets market share remains at 42, /%, a slight increase compared to 39.8% the previous year.

IDC notes that:

The Android tablets are gaining ground in the market with products of Google, Amazon, Samsung and other manufacturers.

The iPad Mini and the new iPad model full size, position Apple well for a strong holiday season.

In the long term, IDC believes that tablets with Windows 8 and Windows RT achieve increased market share. In 2011 they got a 1%, in 2012 2.9% and the company expects that in 2016 the market share of these tablets reach 10.2%.

ventas tablets El iPad seguirá dominando el mercado de los tablets hasta el 2016

Although at first glance it seems that Android tablets are gaining ground against the iPad, these data only represent unit sales. On the use of the device, it appears that iOS continues to dominate the game and that Android tablet sold just gathering dust in a drawer, and report after report is that using iOS devices far exceeds the use of Android devices , although longer exist on the market.

Perhaps most interesting about this new report is that portend for the future of the tablet market. Previously we have talked about that in 2012 would have 117.1 million tablet on the market and now there is talk that the figure could reach 122.3 million. Also provide that during the year 2013 was 172.4 million tablets sold, compared with 165.9 had been predicted earlier.

Apple Will he be able to stay ahead in this market? Will the iPad 4, the iPad and future tablets mini company measure up?

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