Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The iPad Mini navigation rises 28 percent per day in November

iPad mini anuncios La navegación con iPad Mini sube un 28 por ciento al día en noviembre

How so is the iPad Mini in the war that is in the market for smaller tablet? According to a new study, quite well. During November, the number of web ads shown on an iPad Mini increased by 28% per day. For comparison, the advertisements viewed on the Kindle Fire of Amazon fell by 19% per day during the month of November.

According to Millennial Media, the iPad Mini is both a "game changer" and a "great gift" for Christmas. Perhaps most telling is that they are not counting the iPad Mini that were purchased in November for gifts this Christmas, because, in theory, no gifts are not open until Christmas Day.

Signing Matt Gillis said Monday on his blog:

"While it is expected that a lot of the iPad Mini will be received as a gift at Christmas, it seems that many people could not wait to release the new iPad Mini."

Explaining the growth of average daily views in a Mini iPad by 28% compared to 19% of Kindle Fire, Matt wrote that "according to the math, Apple could have a very good holiday season."

iPad mini anuncios ratio 306x350 La navegación con iPad Mini sube un 28 por ciento al día en noviembre

Incidentally, it is worth saying that it is becoming easier to find an iPad Mini in stores because shipping times have fallen, at least in the U.S., to a week.

Also note that a Jefferies analyst commented today that an iPad Mini with Retina screen may appear while the update of the iPad in April and the launch of the iPhone in June, around June or July 2013.

What do you think? Are ye of those who already have your iPad Mini or expect one for Christmas or kings?

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