Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The iPad Mini has become the "gateway" to the Apple World

nuevos usuarios ipad mini El iPad Mini se ha Convertido en Puerta de Entrada al Mundo Apple

When Apple introduced the i Pad Mini for the first time, many said the device would eventually cannibalizing sales of full-sized iPad. Finally this has not been the case and continues to sell Apple devices for the two sizes.

A recent U.S. study has some really interesting figures to this data. According to the study by Morgan Stanley and AlphaWise about half of the sales of iPad Mini that Apple is getting are done by people who had never had an Apple-branded device, ie people who start buying an Apple product and the choice is the iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini is chosen by many people to try the products of Apple for the first time

In a way this makes sense. This is a very attractive device that is priced fairly moderate. In the study based on a survey of more than 1,000 people in the U.S. reflects that 47% of people who have in mind to buy an iPad Mini would be buying his first Apple device.

No doubt this may be good news for Apple. If the product buyers like these "newbies" in the Apple world, could end up buying other devices in the company. It's a good way to know the quality of the products and the ease of use at a relatively content. It is a good "gateway" to the Apple ecosystem and certainly many of those now purchase a Mini iPad devices eventually buying the company after being happy with your first purchase.

In addition, the study also shows other interesting facts. These would note that Apple ranks as one of the companies with the highest customer retention rate in the industry, with a figure of 81%, meaning that for every 100 users of Apple devices, 81 says that repeat purchase without doubt one minute, a figure hard to believe that you would like to get to many other manufacturers or service companies.

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