Sunday, December 30, 2012

The iPad governs in Best Christmas Never views

How have elapsed tablet sales this Christmas? Although official sales figures have yet to see the light, we can get an idea of ​​what devices are on the top of the demand. For example, the Amazon Kindle Fire, followed by the Samsung Galaxy tablet and Google's Nexus devices, are the top three non-iPad sales in December, according to a study by Chitika.

chitika ventas tablet 557x350 El iPad Gobierna en las Mejores Navidades Nunca Vistas

Although the iPad (both the large size as the iPad Mini) represents 87% of tablet sales in the U.S. and Canada, the Kindle Fire is the best selling tablet next with 4.25% of sales. The Samsung Galaxy tablet represent 2.65%, while Google's Nexus family generates 1.06% of tablet sales, according to Chitika.

According to the data, sold per hundred iPad Kindle Fire sold five, three and only Galaxy Nexus. And what about the Microsoft Surface? For iPad sold per hundred, the Microsoft Surface sold a whopping 0.22 units, according Chitika.

ventas ipad mini El iPad Gobierna en las Mejores Navidades Nunca Vistas

Indeed, the anemic numbers achieved the Surface accounted for 0.13% of the market. Obviously, the Kindle Fire is the best has stood up to the iPad. The figure of 4.25% achieved by the Kindle Fire, representing an increase from the 3.75% achieved last year.

kindle fire hd El iPad Gobierna en las Mejores Navidades Nunca Vistas

The Samsung Galaxy, after so much free publicity achieved with legal fights against Apple, has gained very little compared to last year's data, resulting in a 2.65% against 2.36% a year ago.

Google has gotten up from 0.91% last year to 1.06% achieved this year.

nexus 10 El iPad Gobierna en las Mejores Navidades Nunca Vistas

These data, although the iPad is still the king absolute presage Android tablet that can gradually be taking market share from Apple's iPad. This year, the iPad has lost about 1% from last year, from 88% in 2011 to 87% market share achieved this year. For us maybe 1% is not a very relevant data, but for sure Apple investors representing a very negative figure, and considering that the nearest competitor has gained 0.68% in a year.

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