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The iPad and the iPad Mini are the tablets with greater autonomy

autonomia tablets El iPad y el iPad Mini son los tablets con mayor autonomía

It's no secret that Apple touted much autonomy they have their iOS devices. The company says its products are getting more autonomy from what we find in the market Is this true?

A group of UK consumers wanted to check if this is true and incidentally show the world that have devices more autonomy. So I have been tested with different tablets on the market.

The iPad and the iPad Mini outweigh the autonomy of other tablets on the market

They have created two groups. In one of these devices have included screen of 9.4 inches or more and other tablets with a screen of 7.9 inches or less. The next step was to calibrate the brightness of different tablets at the same intensity, so that all were playing in the same conditions. So thanks to an adjusted measured in all tested tablets to 200 nits brightness.

For testing measured the battery life for web browsing sessions and video playback, using both WiFi and 3G connections in models where this possibility was available.

Of the seven tablets tested within the category of 9.4 inches or more, the Retina iPad first result obtained with a pretty big difference to achieve a range of 811 minutes navigation WiFi (13.5 hours). The iPad 2 was second with 590 minutes (9.8 hours). By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 reached 532 minutes (8.8 hours), Microsoft Surfcae RT 501 minutes (8.3 hours), the Asus EEE Pad Transformer Prime was in last place with 335 minutes (5 , 5 hours).

autonomia tablets 7 pulgadas El iPad y el iPad Mini son los tablets con mayor autonomía

In the category of 7.9 inches or less, the 7-inch iPad was that the first result obtained with a duration of 783 minutes (13 hours). Second positioned the Kindle Fire HD with 591 minutes (9.8 hours). The Google Nexus 7 took third place with a range of 550 minutes (9.1 hours). Fourth place for the Amazon Kindle Fire with 437 minutes (7.2 hours) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch fell in 425 minutes (about seven hours).

Definitely more differentiated results than we expected. We knew that the autonomy of the iPad and the iPad Mini was very good, but there was so much difference with the models of other manufacturers you looking for a tablet with a large autonomy? Well you know what the best option.

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