Thursday, December 13, 2012

The iOS Jailbreak Dream 6 JB is FAKE - Official

Dream JB Fake 466x350 El Jailbreak de iOS 6 de Dream JB es FAKE Oficial

Yesterday we talked about the possibility of the jailbreak announcement on 22 December that the team made ​​Dream JB was false . Today in iDownloadblog, published the team responsible contacted them to tell them that it was false and that he would keep the promise he had made.

Well, already posted the video that promised progress teach Jailbreak iOS 6 . Apparently, this video is fake. And although it is a rather ambitious work of falsehood in the end it is still just a fake video.

This video describes some of the discrepancies evident that the author has not been correct in his video. Note that the video is clearly a Dream JB composition staged.

Do not quite understand the motivation of the person behind this. I guess you can say that you did for Twitter followers, because the account got more than 20,000 in a few days. Maybe he did just for being a troll. Or maybe, I just wanted to watch and laugh as many people waited anxiously on Jailbreak the iPhone 5 .

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. There are many people working within the Jailbreak community that receives far less recognition than it has received this type, and all he has done is make a fake video. It is right to give him much attention when he has no credibility. What little they had has plummeted.

Now, the author of Dream JB says that to clear this Jailbreak launch today. If you have an estimated time of 10 working days, how is it possible that you can now throw in a few hours? Because it is probably more false than Judas. The only explanation is that it is going to launch a virus or something and want to catch the users anxious to do the Jailbreak unsuspecting eye so much.

Not worth giving more coba this matter, but if the Dream JB finally throw something in the coming days, we recommend you to wait and seek internet much before doing anything on your devices. Who knows, maybe we shut up, but I see it difficult.

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