Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Google Maps application might appear in the App Store tonight

Screen Shot 2012 12 12 at 5.49.42 PM 1024x573 La aplicación de Google Maps podría aparecer en la App Store esta misma noche

According to sources close to Apple and Google, the search engine may launch its map application for iOS devices in the coming hours. A few minutes ago, the middle AllThingsD echoed this information and announced that the launch was imminent, coinciding with the rumors we've heard in the months before and who claimed that the Google Maps app would be launched in mid-December.

At present, the application would be reviewed by those responsible for the App Store and it is believed that barriers will not launch. So far, no Google or Apple spokesperson has refused to confirm the news officially.

The direct return of the Google maps application will overshadow Apple's maps, which have received very negative reviews from the start. The latest news we have about it is that we came from Australia this weekend: the authorities recommended citizens not to use the navigation service of Apple.

If public transport routes and walking maps provided by Google, we add the ability to give voice instructions, Apple Maps will be relegated to the background, no doubt.

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