Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Gamer Duo joystick for iOS devices is now on sale in the Apple Store

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Although there are many joysticks compatible with the iPhone or the iPad, only one has won approval from Apple and has the support of one of the largest developers of mobile games: Gameloft.

Gamer Duo is a command that currently supports much of the catalog of Gameloft games although it is expected that in the future, the list of compatible titles will increase considerably. It depends on the success or failure in sales, something the Icade and the like have failed to properly manage.

The Gamer Duo notable for its two analog sticks, ideal for racing games or FPS in which you need a much more precise control to move the character and target enemies. It also has the classic crosshead, four additional buttons and two triggers.

 El joystick Duo Gamer para dispositivos iOS ya está a la venta en la Apple Store

The connection is made ​​iOS device via Bluetooth, making it compatible with all iOS devices that have come on the market. If you want to play with the iPad, the kit contains a stand to place the tablet in the best position.

Autonomy is provided by two AA batteries that must be replaced each time they last. It would have been nice to incorporate a battery that could be charged via USB.

The good news is that the price of Gamer Duo was quite lower than originally estimated. For 37.95 euros you can get one but remember, only supports a small catalog of exclusive games of Gameloft.

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