Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Facebook application can insert advertisements to install Apps without launching the App Store

100639 640 La aplicaciĆ³n de Facebook puede insertar anuncios para instalar Apps sin lanzar la App Store

Facebook has announced that its mobile ads can now install iOS applications without forcing users to leave the Facebook application and simply with these ads launch the App Store.

Mobile App Install installs ads to bring people directly to the App Store or Google Play. Now, people in iOS 6 and can install an application without exiting and unfollow using their Facebook application. When they click on an ad, the App Store will appear in another dialog. After installing the application you saw in the ad you can continue where you left off on Facebook.

This is great news for advertisers because it will not be a drawback for users to click on your ads, simply be a convenience because you can still see your Facebook while they download and install applications.

Facebook also announced advertisers the ability to customize your advertising message directly from the app dashboard API. In addition, the views of applications have been enhanced to provide demographic breakdown of all facilities in the mobile application.

This is good news for iOS users, which we will learn new applications quickly available or simply browsing deals our Facebook.

Will you use Facebook to download applications from the App Store?

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