Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Daily will be updated on Dec. 15

cue murdoch The Daily dejará de actualizarse el próximo 15 de diciembre

When the iPad appeared, many people began to fix it. At first many thought would be a big fiasco, it really was just an iPhone with a large screen, although little later showed that it was a different and very attractive product.

One of the highlights of the iPad is a content consumption. Its ease of use, the quality of the screen and its size make it become an ideal device for this function, so there have been many attempts to bring content to the iPad, some more successfully than others.

Shortly after the announcement of the device, the group News Corp, with the support of Apple, introduced the first newspaper The Daily "native" for the iPad. The idea was to create a News Corp under subscription digital newspaper for iPad users, ie a payment online newspaper.

From the beginning, many people said the project would prove a failure and it seems that after almost two years this is confirmed. News Corp, Rupert Murdoch's group has announced that The Daily will bolt on 15 December and from that day cease to receive new content.

The Daily missing closure after two years of operation

the daily The Daily dejará de actualizarse el próximo 15 de diciembre

It seems that people are not willing to pay for news they can find elsewhere completely free. We do not know exactly the amount of business that has made The Daily, but what we do know is that there have been sufficient for the project to be running longer.

There is no doubt that other options such as Flipboard, which allow you to customize the news sources and read the contents as if it were a magazine have much more success. Users can customize our news sources, read things that really interest us and do it completely free.

It is always a shame a media outlet such as was the case with The Daily take the closure, but hopefully in News Corp have taken note of what works and what does not and surprised in the future with other top digital adaptations of their publications.

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