Sunday, December 9, 2012

The brand 'Retina' and is owned by Apple

Screen Shot 2012 12 07 at 1.58.33 PM La marca Retina ya es propiedad de Apple

After legal battles in recent years, Apple does not hesitate to register each trademark, patent and to the smallest component to protect their products. Last week, the California company gained ownership of the trademark 'Lightning' and now it is turn of 'Retina' and Game Center icon.

According collects web Patently Apple , the company led by Tim Cook has obtained this week both certificates of possession of marks in the Records Office of Patents and Trademarks of the United States. As of now, no other company engaged in the technology industry may use the word "retina" to describe the quality of the display of their products.

The brand 'Retina' is therefore associated with those Apple products that have a screen with such pixel density, that man is incapable of viewing. This will include iPhones, tablets and computers in the company. Apple applied for ownership of the trademark in May 2011. The first time I made use of this name was at the launch of the iPhone 4.

Also, the Game Center icon has also been recorded by Apple and guaranteed by the U.S. Patent Office this week. This time, the request was sent last June.

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