Thursday, December 6, 2012

The big developers are taking the bulk of the money

apps iphone Los grandes desarrolladores siguen llevándose la gran parte del dinero

App stores of different mobile platforms are a big hit, many developers have seen in them a great opportunity. An opportunity to earn money with their development and reach millions of people in a simple, at least this is what the theory says, but is it really?

According to a recent study by Canalys people are great performers who really carry much of the pie, that is, the majority of total revenues. According to a study conducted during the month of November, the major app stores (App Store and Play Store) have generated business worth about $ 120 million, although about half of this money was distributed only among 25 major protagonists of these stores.

The major development studios spread half of the total income of app stores

As discussed will suppose that publish large enterprise applications in mobile version and also in most cases are treated game and not other applications, so it seems clear that interests most people.

It seems pretty obvious that the big developers are those who get most of the downloads. As happened before the existence of the app stores, these are the ones with the greatest chance of promotion, they are usually the most complete and powerful applications and also their brands and are recognized by many users, giving them a huge advantage.

google play Los grandes desarrolladores siguen llevándose la gran parte del dinero

Small developers have to fight them and in many cases will not be able, although it is true that small developers managed to convert their applications in large éxtios. Rovio could be one of these cases, the company managed to turn his Angry Birds in a top sales and version to version it still gon. The game has become almost universal, and today everyone knows.

True, Apple could favor smaller developers and more to help your applications to make themselves known, but still it would be very difficult to compete against big developers who have more resources and means to promote their applications. Small developers have to seize the opportunities they have to promote their applications. Try to create interesting applications that move from mouth to mouth and as many do, send information of new developments to publications that discuss applications, as it is a good way to reach an audience, in many cases, quite extensive.

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