Saturday, December 8, 2012

The availability of the iPhone 5 becomes "In Stock"

Captura de pantalla 2012 12 08 a las 11.37.24 La disponibilidad del iPhone 5 pasa a En Stock

A few days ago we told you that the availability of the iPhone 5 had dropped significantly in some stores in the world, such as 2-4 days in New Zealand, today I announce that the waiting time to get an iPhone 5 has continued to decline in all stores to be found in many items.

It seems that Apple is catching up with the demand of the iPhone 5, finally overcoming the problems of availability since launch. In some stores like the Apple Store in the U.S. shows that the current availability is "In Stock", so send it automatically. As you know the United States has just put on sale the free version of the iPhone, which does not involve any contract with an operator and can be used with the company you choose.

In Spain, the current availability is of 1-3 days is not bad, but still expect it to be in stock, as is happening in other countries soon. These dates holiday season will increase sales, despite the economic problems many people live or want an iPhone 5.

The availability was extremely limited in October, mid-November had improved a lot and in December and almost total availability is expected to sell more than 46 million iPhones during the month of December. And you're having trouble finding an iPhone 5? Do you have it already?

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