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The 5 best football games for iPad

juegos futbol ipad Los 5 Mejores Juegos de Fútbol para iPad

No one can deny that football is a sport that stands true passions. In the world there are millions of people fond of the sport, and in some countries like Spain, United Kingdom and Argentina the passion that fans of the sport transcends all boundaries.

In the case of video games, football titles also tend to have a pretty big success and of course in the App Store can find plenty of books related to the beautiful game called in the case of Spain.

As often happens, the list of football games from the App Store is huge, but not all worth it. Here we leave you with some of the football games for iPad most interesting to be found now in the Apple App Store.

PES 2012 - Pro Evolution Soccer

Perhaps one of the most popular football games that exist for any console and of course also available for the Apple iPad.

This version of the game has multiplayer, either remotely or in person, that is, we can play with other people over the Internet while in different locations, or with friends in one place thanks to the Bluetooth connection. It is also possible to publish the results on social networks like Facebook for everyone to see our handling of the ball in the game.

mzl.dynyzddc Los 5 Mejores Juegos de Fútbol para iPad
PES 2012 - Pro Evolution Soccer
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Slide Soccer

In this title we should not expect great graphics and reproductions of footballers that look almost real. In fact, in Slide Soccer will handle people not to play, but some chips that represent them. Still, it is an extremely attractive game and very addictive.

It has a simple control and very well adapted to the touch screen of the iPad. It also has a powerful multiplayer mode, which ensures that we can play with other people and not always bored "challenge us" against artificial intelligence machine. One option to take into account.

mzm.ljxlbubh Los 5 Mejores Juegos de Fútbol para iPad
mzl.kfqzxshk.480x480 75 Los 5 Mejores Juegos de Fútbol para iPad

Fifa 13

Undoubtedly the best known and most complete game of football that we can find in the App Store for iPad (although in this case it is a universal game so also compatible with iPhone and iPod touch).

In Fifa 13 we have realistic representations of real professional players and other details (kits, stadiums ...). Also we will form our own teams by signing the stars of the football leagues from around the world.

If you're looking for a football game for iPad completely realistic, Fifa 13 is the best choice without doubt.

mzm.phbsdlfb Los 5 Mejores Juegos de Fútbol para iPad
mzl.vubxiilr.480x480 75 Los 5 Mejores Juegos de Fútbol para iPad

Real Football 2012

Real Football 2012 is another title with realistic graphics and real-life information. The game has a FIFPro license, so it has real information of over 350 professional football teams and 14 different leagues. If you want a game that fits the reality Real Football is one of the best options available.

Real Football 2012 features different game modes (friendlies, cups, leagues and training mode), and you can also play in manager mode and take your team to the top or enjoy classic games through the story mode.

mza 639870176309175062 Los 5 Mejores Juegos de Fútbol para iPad
mzl.sarslmhf.480x480 75 Los 5 Mejores Juegos de Fútbol para iPad

Dream League Soccer

In this title you will create the best team because of the possibility of signings, reform the stage of your team and take on anyone in the world with its massive online multiplayer.

Each match is a new adventure, a game full of challenges to try to overcome the defense controlled steplessly by advanced artificial intelligence or other players from anywhere in the world.

According to its developers, is the only football game on the App Store with Game Center support, so that makes it unique in its kind.
Its features include the ability to post directly to do most attractive plays in Youtube or the ability to train our players to improve their qualities with the ball.

mzm.mklwaggu Los 5 Mejores Juegos de Fútbol para iPad
mzl.svfjgtum.480x480 75 Los 5 Mejores Juegos de Fútbol para iPad

You missing a title? Do you know other football games for iPad interesting? Why did not you tell us in the comments?

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