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The 13 Best iPad Apps for Getting Started with Mini

When we released an iPad or iPad mini and especially if it is the first iOS device that falls into our hands, the first thing is to investigate for Apps that we make life much easier with our new tablet. In the App Store there are thousands of applications available, many of which are adapted for tablet interface, so it is not always easy to choose with whom we should stay. Try different options is best to find those that really fit our needs, but not always possible to test all either time or cost with some of them.

ipad ipad mini Las 13 Mejores Apps para Empezar con iPad Mini

To try to save you some time and money, here we leave you with some applications that anyone with an iPad or iPad mini should download immediately. This is general purpose applications, the most interesting for users:


Paper is an application to convert an iPad or iPad mini is a "blank sheet". An application that lets you use the tablet to draw, take notes or just sketching.


Today it is common that we use different devices to access the Internet. Many times we come across a website browsing on our computer and we want to save it to return later. Pocket is a very useful tool, allowing us to save links to web pages for later viewing, and the service is available for different platforms, including the iPad is so we will always have our hand links.


Twitter is one of the most powerful social networks today and how could it be otherwise has an official app for iPad that allows us to access it in a convenient way. Possibly not the best Twitter client for iPad, but one of the best and best of all it's completely free.


Not much to say about FaceBook. It is the ultimate social network and to take advantage of its features from the iPad the best option is to use its official client.

Nightstand Central

Until the arrival of iOS in June, Apple's iPad did not have a native application and alarm clock. Since iOS 6 if available and is a perfectly valid application. Still, in the App Store you can find much more visually appealing applications such as Nightstand Central.


Internet is a medium where you can find information on virtually any topic. It is often difficult to find just the themes that really interest us. Zite will make this task a little easier. Zite generate a kind of digital magazine with the interests of each user. The more you use Zite more of a coincident with our tastes will show us information.


Apple has an interesting e-book store, the eBook Store. But for those who come from another platform or need a larger catalog, Amazon Kindle application can be very interesting. The application is used to buy eBooks from Amazon's digital store, but also to gain access to that we had previously purchased, even if from another device.

The Weather Channel

Applications to query the time have become a must in the smartphone and tablet. The App Store has a large collection of applications for this and The Weather Channel is one of the most interesting.


You can access Youtube videos from Safari both iPad and iPad mini, but the application that created Google for iPad is really impressive and a much more convenient way to access the functions of the portal from our tablets.


Posiblmente Showyou is one of the best ways to access videos of different platforms from a iPad. Showyou is able to show videos from Youtube, Vimeo, FaceBook, TED and many other platforms.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is one of those applications you should not miss on any iPad, especially those who also have an iPhone or a Mac Find My iPhone allows us to geotag our other devices, do a remote wipe or lock a Device remotely in case of loss or theft, provided we have properly configured the device iCloud.


Those lucky enough to live in countries where Netflix are present, you have access to some sort of online video with really interesting content. The service offers an iPad app also provides access to those services. Unfortunately not available in all countries in the world, but where it is available it becomes an essential application.

netflix ipad Las 13 Mejores Apps para Empezar con iPad Mini

Google Earth

Maybe Google Earth is one of those applications that needs no introduction. Google Earth could be considered the "globe" or "world map" of our time. One very interesting to visit virtually anywhere in the world.

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