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Take advantage of iTunes 11 with these tricks

iTunes 11 is here, but as you know with a little delay. The main novelty is the whitewash you have made ​​to the interface, trying to make it more clean, clear and attractive, perhaps more style tablet . If utilizabais much earlier version perhaps ye little lost, so here we bring you some tricks and features for you to get used quickly to iTunes 11.


iTunes 11 barra lateral 560x350 Sácale partido a iTunes 11 con estos trucos

If you have already installed iTunes 11 of you will have noticed that, by default, have chosen to remove the sidebar to which both were used. Instead you have, in the upper left, a drop down menu to access the different categories. If you liked the sidebar that this new drop-down, no problem, we can get it again. You only have to go to View and Show Sidebar. Another option to bring back the sidebar is to press the keyboard shortcut Command + Option + S.

Then function

iTunes 11 A continuacion 560x350 Sácale partido a iTunes 11 con estos trucos

One of the great new features of iTunes 11 is the new feature below. With it you will be adding songs to ring after being played. This is not to be anything revolutionary, many music players do, but it is a handy feature. The list of outstanding play songs you can see in the top bar of information, as well as those which have been played. To add a song to this playlist on the fly, you can select it and double click on it, or press the Option key and add.

Expanded View

Expanded View iTunes 11 560x350 Sácale partido a iTunes 11 con estos trucos

ITunes 11 installed a few days ago and the truth is that this function is the first thing that caught my attention. The famous Cover Flow has given way to the new Expanded View. This new interface is used on the albums, and when you click on any displays an information screen with the songs, the cover on the right and, best of all, the background is set to a color close to dominant cover, as you can see in the picture above.

Mini player

Mini reproductor iTunes 11 560x350 Sácale partido a iTunes 11 con estos trucos

The mini player has improved a lot in iTunes 11. The most notable new features would be the ability to search in our library, to see the songs of the function and then control Airplay. You can use the keyboard shortcut Option + Command + 3 to extend. You can set the mini player to always be above other windows so it's always accessible.

Other features and tricks

  • Eject device: if we connect our iOS device via USB to your computer, you will see a shortcut appears in the library, to the left of the iTunes Store. With this shortcut can view the device information and expel.
  • This iPhone: When you connect the iPhone will see a new option in the view device information in this iPhone. Here is where we see all the elements that are synchronized with the connected device.
  • Drag songs: As we have already sidebar can not add songs to a playlist by dragging them to the same as we did in previous versions. But Apple have taken this into account, so when we drag a song we will get a flyout with the playlists you have created. We may also add songs to the "Then" by dragging.
  • Universal Search: search is now universal, so look in all sections of iTunes, from music to books, showing results from all categories.
  • Synchronization of the position: If you are watching a video, listening to an audiobook or podcast and you have to stop it, the place has stopped using iCloud will synchronize with other devices, so you can continue listening from anywhere.

And here some little tricks and tips so you can make the most of the new version of iTunes 11. We hope you like them.

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