Saturday, December 15, 2012

System Status, a new tool from Apple

estado sistema apple Estado del Sistema, una Nueva Herramienta de Apple

Increasingly, Apple is a company that not only offers products, offers. These services require a large infrastructure, not only human, but also of machines (servers and other network elements) and software.

All these services have to be monitored and Apple should respond as soon as possible to problems that may arise and that can make us, your users can not access them. Optimal performance of these systems can make services succeed and keep winning Apple users or can make the experience dismal and users flee Apple services.

Apple launches new tool for us to see the status of their services

One of the best companies that offer cloud services for years is Google, in a way that is completely normal, because their business is based almost exclusively on this: in services. The Mountain View company for years offering a monitoring page where you can view the status of services at all times and now Apple seems to have followed in his footsteps.

In a very interesting exercise in transparency, Apple has created a new tool that has called the System State . This tool allows anyone to see the state in which services are Apple at all times. So, in case you have problems accessing one we know if it is a problem or if in fact our service is out of service at any given time.

System Status is a tool that Apple has stayed within its website and is accessible from any device, all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser. The tool displays the status of the various Apple services organized into three main groups:

  • Services: In this group we find the services offered outside Apple iCloud. Services such as Game Center, Maps, iMessage, Siri and FaceTime to give some examples.
  • Shops: in this group, Apple shows the status of their online shops: App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Store, etc, etc ...
  • iCloud: iCloud services are differentiated and possibly some work and some do not. Here Apple shows the status of services like Mail, Contacts, Calendars, iTunes Match, etc, etc ...

cronologia estado sistema apple Estado del Sistema, una Nueva Herramienta de Apple

In addition, the table below where all services are detailed, also appears in the record that the failures we have had services in the previous days. Very useful to know what went wrong before and to see where Apple is having more problems.

Without doubt, Apple has created an interesting tool for all users and a good example of how a company can be a little more transparent in showing its operation.

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