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Study found that over 50% of respondents want an iPhone 5

iphone 5 apple Estudio Desvela que Más del 50% de los Encuestados Quiere un iPhone 5

The arrival of the Apple iPhone 5 was marked by some indifference on the part of consumers. Many said that the new model was only a minor update of the iPhone 4S and many people began to say that Apple continuity and had become the new device really offered nothing new.

Time has passed and many people still think the same, but now that you are in the market, many have been able to test it and the criticism of the device are extremely good. Many people stressed that the device is built with amazing quality and its operation is just wonderful.

For Apple campaign is really good Christmas presents. Just updated most of its products and many people are interested in them.

More than half of respondents say they expect an iPhone 5 for Christmas

The analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, has conducted a survey of 800 people, asking about the intention of buying an iPhone 5 in the next month. The result is that 53.3% of respondents said that they were interested in making the purchase. These figures are slightly lower than the 54.9% of the survey conducted in mid-October, following the launch of the device, although it is normal, many people already have bought and others after it in their hands and have decided to try was not for them.

tendencia compra smartphone Estudio Desvela que Más del 50% de los Encuestados Quiere un iPhone 5

In the survey, 35.3% of people said they plan to buy a new Android device during the next month, while 6.5% will opt for a Windows Phone and 4.9% for a new BlackBerry.

With these figures in hand and comparing it with previous surveys, we feel that the arrival of the iPhone 5 has not been a major change in the interests of purchasing new devices people. It is true that in the case of Windows Phone purchase intent before the arrival of the iPhone 5 was higher than at present, but the differences are not too spectacular, for example in the case of BlackBerry the number has increased (presumably has something to do with the possible arrival of BlackBerry 10).

As a result of this survey, the analyst says remains confident in its forecast of 45 million iPhones sold, an increase of 21% when compared with the previous year figures.

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